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Kestrels make sandwiches

This morning we made jam sandwiches in class. On Monday we will be writing up the instructions of how to make them including all the features of instructional writing such as a title, numbers and time connectives. Here are some photos for you to see at home and to remind us what we did at each stage. Some children said that they have made the sandwiches for their parents so we hope you enjoy them!


Visit to the Royal Albert Hall

Thank you so much to Mrs Frost who organised our wonderful visit to the Royal  Albert Hall to watch the Primary Proms. We were so lucky to be seated in boxes with an unobstructed view of the stage and we loved listening to a huge variety of music.

Here are a few photos although they are very dark due to not being able to use flash photography inside!


Visit from RabbI Zvi

Thank you very much to Rabbi Zvi from the Jewish Community of Berkshire who came in today to tell us all about the Jewish festival of Sukkot.

Science in 2K

Kestrels have been busy learning about electrical circuits in science this week. We have learned the words: battery, wire, bulb and filament. We also learned that ‘circuit’ sounds like ‘circle’ and that helped us to remember that electricity needs a complete circuit to flow around. When there is a break in the circuit, that is when something won’t work and is like a switch. Here we are having fun with some practical equipment.

Hope and Glory

Kestrels loved visiting the new additions to the HG Farm this afternoon…

Kestrels in Brighton

Sorry it has taken so long for any Kestrels news to appear on our Year 2 Blog! Mrs Stewart has been waiting for her new username and password to be able to login.

We had a wonderful time in Brighton last week and were so lucky with the weather. Luckily all of the children managed to protect their lunch from the pesky seagulls! We hope you enjoy our photos…