Monthly Archives: May 2017

Hawks go on their own Minibeast Adventure

What an adventure! To finish off our minibeast topic, we thought it would be fun to ‘shrink’ the children down to the size of a minibeast, and then explore the TLC from a different point of view. We had so much fun!!

The children closed their eyes while we sprayed them with ‘magic shrinking spray’ and they opened their eyes to find a tiny cut out of themselves. The imagination has been amazing- there has been talk of being carried away by an army of ants, riding caterpillars and getting stuck inside a snail shell. We are so excited to write our stories today!!

Have a fantastic half term!!

Year 2 go on a mini adventure!

This afternoon, year 2 fell under the spell of some magical shrinking bubbles and took their mini-selves on a mini adventure in the TLC Hub! Some children were shocked at the size of minibeasts compared to their mini selves and we are looking forward writing our adventures during our Big Write sessions tomorrow morning.

(More photos to come, Miss O’Brien’s camera ran out of power!)

Kestrels release their butterflies!

We went onto the Show Lawn this sunny Monday morning to release our butterflies. It was lovely to have had them since they were teeny tiny caterpillars and now to see them as beautiful butterflies. One of our butterflies hadn’t formed its wings properly in its chrysalis so we thought carefully about where to release it so that it wouldn’t get eaten. The other two, although reluctant at first, eventually flew away into the trees in the TLC.

Butterfly release

We have loved watching our caterpillars turn into butterflies. It has been so exciting watching the change each day. We were quite sad to release them today, but happy knowing they will go off to lay their eggs to start to life cycle all over again!!

Have a lovely weekend.

King Lear

We have started to study King Lear in Kestrel Class this week. This morning we acted out the first part of the play and then tried to do freeze frames to show how the characters were feeling… What do you think?



Author visit- Simon Murray

We had a fantastic afternoon with Simon Murray. We all had a go at drawing our very own ‘Icky Doo Dah.’ Take a look at us in action!!