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The Year 2 Sleepover

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Year 2’s enthusiasm was not dampened by the news that the heavy rain fall had put paid to our planned sleep under canvas. The sports hall was the new designated sleeping area and for some children a sigh of relief was heard as they had not relished a night in a tent.
By 6pm there was a steady stream of excited children arriving armed with back packs, suitcases, sleeping bags, pillows, torches and most importantly cuddly toys. Before long the PE mats were being transformed into sleeping plots as an array of brightly coloured sleeping bags were laid out, pillows put into position, cuddly toys tucked up and torches placed at the ready!
A few rules to make the sure the evening would be safe before the children set off for the athletics field to play some games with Miss Moutrie , Miss Taylor and Mrs Short. Meanwhile a camp fire was being built and supper prepared and cooked ready for the return for some hungry children by Mrs Farrar, Miss Lipyeat and Mrs Fifield. Supper was thoroughly enjoyed outside the children tucked away sausages, beans and French bread followed by some delicious homemade flapjacks provided by Fins’ mother As the evening began to draw in we all made our way to sit around the camp fire, here the children selected sticks to whittle ready to toast their marshmallows. As we sat round the fire we sang some camp songs and enjoyed eating our chocolate biscuit marshmallow sandwiches.
A last play in the Adventure Playground before returning to the Sports Hall to get ready for bed. Once tucked into their sleeping bags Mrs Robinson arrived to read some bedtime stories by torch light. As Mrs Robinson was reading her third story a voice was heard to say “Have you nearly finished Mrs Robinson I want to go to sleep!”
It took a little while for all the children to be asleep but by 12-30 children and staff alike were all asleep. There were some very early risers possibly awake before the dawn chorus was heard, by 5-20am Mrs Farrar and Mrs Fifield were in the Adventure playground with some energetic children.
Once all the children were awake we had a grand packing up session and a clearing of the mats before the children tucked into breakfast, Brioche rolls, bread, chocolate biscuits and squash.
The children were well behaved and a pleasure to spend time with I hope they all enjoyed the experience. My thanks to Ms Moutre, Mrs Farrar, Miss Taylor and Mrs Short for their help.

Mrs Fifield

Pond Dipping at Wellington College

Year 2 had a truly fantastic morning at Wellington College. When we arrived we all dressed up as scientists with white coats and science goggles! Then some of us were lucky enough to hold the stick insect and chameleon. We enjoyed watching the chameleon eat a very jumpy cricket!

After that, we headed into the science lab to explore the water samples and identify pond matter. We were amazed at how many different types of insects we saw.

The children and staff had a wonderful morning!!

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Minibeast Projects

Hawks have worked incredibly hard over half term producing some wonderful presentations. It was lovely to see the different variety of minibeasts and it was clear the children enjoyed presenting them to the class.

We were also very excited to meet the class caterpillars who joined us during half term. It will be great to watch them over the next few weeks as they change from caterpillars to beautiful butterflies!

Hope you all had a lovely half term.