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Oh we do like to be beside the seaside ……….

What a fabulous time we had during our trip to Brighton.  We enjoyed our packed lunch on the pebbly beach and the Sea Life Centre was AMAZING!  Take a look at some quotes from the children.

I enjoyed the sea horses. They did a little show swimming up and down and they put their tails around the seaweed.    Olivia

Did you know an octopus’s brain is like a 2 and a half year olds! I enjoyed looking at the fish.   Elissia

I enjoyed digging for really soft sea shells. Did you know there is a starfish? Oliver C

I learnt that a spider crab is 4 metres long! Did you know a baby is a half meter long? Amabel

I learnt that the dad seahorse has the babies!   Emily

When I arrived in Brighton I was shocked because it was so relaxing!


We had a look at big crabs with long legs.


On the pier we all looked through the bars and saw the peaceful sea.


We collected stones – it was fun. Tom taught me how to skim stones.

George Horne

I enjoyed seeing the stony beach and the big wheel…

Aimee P

… It was massive!


I rolled stones in the sea.


Y2 Brighton 2014 010

Have you seen one of these before, George?

Y2 Brighton 2014 013

We loved running down the hill.

Y2 Brighton 2014 047

I see no ships ……..

Y2 Brighton 2014 025

We collected LOTS of shells.

Eeeek!  Look out Mr Walton!!!

Eeeek! Look out Mr Walton!!!

Y2 Brighton2 2014 017

Look what I found ….

Y2 Brighton2 2014 012

It was fun writing our names in the sand.

Y2 Brighton 2014 053 Y2 Brighton2 2014 027 Y2 Brighton2 2014 039 Y2 Brighton2 2014 040 Y2 Brighton3 2014 014 Y2 Brighton3 2014 017 Y2 Brighton3 2014 021

We can’t wait for our next trip!